Our Services

Market Research

K&P Consultancy's Market Research service provides in-depth analysis of local and global markets, providing comprehensive information ranging from customs consultancy to demographic analysis.

Report and Country Analysis Services

K&P Consultancy provides comprehensive country and report analysis to strengthen organizations' international operations. Strengthen your business on a global level with reports on economic structure, sector breakdowns and market supply and demand charts.

Consulting Services

"K & P Consultancy" provides corporate advisory, M&A advisory, investment advisory and financial advisory services. These services help companies improve workflows, grow, guide investment decisions and manage their financial operations more efficiently.

Investment Management Services

K & P Consultancy offers a wide range of consultancy services, from investment management to market analysis, from brand concept creation to project development. He also specializes in investment feasibility, budget analysis, construction processes and operational management.

Asset Management

K & P Consultancy offers services with experienced asset managers who analyze the risk and investment appetite of investors in the increasingly complex structure of the financial sector. While producing individual solutions, it considers not only the individual, but also the family and the company.

Engineering and Design

K&P Consultancy offers a range of services including architectural and interior design concepts, technical drawings and project supervision to meet the engineering and design needs of your investments.

International Raw Material Trade

K & P Consultancy offers effective, durable and innovative solutions in raw material buying and selling processes with a focus on customer satisfaction.

International Equipment Trade

K&P Consultancy optimizes businesses' international trade and exports and provides market insights.