Engineering and Design

One of the most important issues in investments is investment engineering. In order for a project to be successful, we need to specialize in this field and be able to use the knowledge we have in the right way. Therefore K & P Consultancy I want to realize an economical and efficient investment by taking advantage of the services offered by

Thanks to the overall planning team consisting of architects, engineers and project developers; you can realize a project designed for the most suitable settlement on the available land. By examining the existing architectural texture of our team, you will have an environment that can appeal to all times, designed entirely for you, taking into account all kinds of details that our team has prepared by focusing only on functionality, including innovative and self-confident architectural planning. Also K & P Consultancy The company offers turnkey solutions equipped with the latest technologies, helping to reduce costs, shorten production time, and with the accompanying technical support, you can be sure that you will be both relaxed and safe.

As a result K & P Consultancy Thanks to the services you will receive from our company; by adding the latest innovations, it guarantees to reduce production costs, shorten production time and increase product quality.

  • Preparation of Project Brief
  • Architectural Concept Design
  • Architectural License Project
  • Architectural Application Project
  • Interior Architecture Concept Project
  • Interior Architecture Application Project
  • Creation of technical drawings
  • Creation of 3D Models
  • Structural Static Project
  • Electricity Project
  • Mechanical Project
  • Infrastructure Project
  • Fire Project
  • Landscape Project
  • Operation Project
  • Site Specific Development Studies
  • Formal Procedure Studies
  • Audit
  • Site Control
  • Equipment and material control
  • Licenses and Approvals
  • Work Safety

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