Who We Are

K & P Consultancy, with its dynamic and innovative company structure, always strives to exceed expectations and pioneer international investments. It continues its journey with the vision of taking a leading role in the transformation of solar energy, which stands out among renewable energy types, and with the mission of producing innovative, quality and fast service in this transformation. Their goal is to provide sustainable value to each customer by always staying one step ahead.

In addition to all these, in addition to providing consultancy support to its clients on investment management, investment opportunities, international taxation, technical services; it also offers management consultancy when the investment is put into operation. K & P Consultancy‘s business partners and customers include private sector organizations, individual investors, public institutions and organizations and international organizations.

K & P Consultancy It plans projects starting from the idea stage, including the “exit strategy”, and offers its investors a package of high-return investment management services. It examines the design, technical, tax and financial details necessary for profit maximization by making the necessary value engineering calculations to ensure that the investment is realized at minimum cost.


K & P Consultancy

K & P Consultancy In the projects it develops and manages, the Company prioritizes high efficiency and profitability, focusing on highly profitable and specialized projects to create maximum benefit for its customers and investors.

In order for companies to achieve high profitability, low costs and sustainable growth, they need more and more information that they can use in their strategic decisions. The way to achieve this is to access reliable, accurate and fast information. We are, K & P Consultancy we support your growth by providing you with the most reliable and robust data for your investment decisions.


Helping our partners grow and capitalize on the worldwide market. K & P Consultancy, provides consultancy to investment companies on alternative investments without compromising the principles of quality, reliability and customer service.


It is intended to be high criteria. Our team was skillfully organized. Our regional and local meetings are conducted with the necessary notes to have a continuous line of communication with our customers, keeping in mind the high level of customer satisfaction and experience. Be open to innovation and change. Integrate ethics into the organizational framework. K & P Consultancy By keeping the values of honesty and confidentiality above all else, efficient and fast communication is our biggest goal.


Our goal is to do the biggest and fairest job possible, to be innovative, to move forward as a team, to respect everyone, to give every idea a chance, to continuously improve knowledge, to demonstrate trust and to ensure excellent quality.