International Market Research

The importance of financial management in business cannot be overstated. As business activity grows, the flow of money accelerates and it is essential to use this money correctly. Financial management helps companies make sound decisions, identify needs and achieve goals for the balance of income and expenditure, which is beneficial both financially and strategically.

In such a crisis, we understand the need for businesses to effectively manage challenging conditions to quickly stabilize their operations. We support them with repositioning strategies so that they can also move forward in these difficult times when the markets recover; from corporate strategy development, through access to capital and financing, financial structuring to mergers and acquisitions – we are with you every step of your transformation process!

K & P Consultancy We provide consultancy services to company management in balance sheet analysis, feasibility studies before investment decisions, management of banking relations, planning of all financial activities, evaluation of the financial status of companies, analysis of financial liabilities, and identification of development areas.

We strive to help our clients achieve success by providing superior quality services at all stages of their journey, from the start-up phase to the growth phase and, if necessary, to the maturity or decline phase, so you can rest assured no matter what happens

  • Researching competitors in the target market
  • Transportation information, communication level and quality survey from the export point to various destination countries
  • Customs clearance consultancy,
  • Inter-market benchmarking and comparison tables
  • Product-based supply-demand balance research in the target market
  • Demographic structure and population surveys
  • Logistics, warehouse and distribution network research

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