Investment Management Services

Investment Management Consultancy

  • International Investment Management Consultancy
  • Market Analysis Consultancy
  • Competitor Analysis Consultancy,
  • Customer Segmentation and Customer Analytics
  • Legal Contract Design and Process Management Consultancy

Investment Opportunities and Investment Alternatives Presentation

  • Presentation of International Investment Opportunities Alternatives and Summary Feasibilities
  • Business Lines of Investment in Different Countries

Concept and Brand Development Consultancy

  • Brand Concept Creation and Branding consultancy
  • Consultancy for creating Hotel Concepts
  • Consultancy for creating Restaurant Concepts
  • SPA development and management consultancy

Investment Projects Development Consultancy

  • Land Topographic structure and geographical impacts consultancy
  • Project Management and Project Development Consultancy
  • Architectural, Interior Architecture, Static, MEP, Landscape Design Services Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Project Works Quantities and construction product selection
  • Equipment and Material Selection Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Creating BoQ Bill of Quantities and Backlogs

Investment Budget and Feasibility

  • Construction budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis Consultancy
  • Investment finance advisory
  • Construction Tenders process management consultancy,

Construction Construction Process Consultancy

  • Project management technical services, procurement, logistics consultancy
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Progress Payment system installation consultancy
  • Construction Mobilization and demobilization services consultancy
  • Material cost research consultancy and procurement services management consultancy
  • Consultancy on procurement of construction materials, consumables and operating supplies

Business and Facility Management Consultancy

  • Support is provided during the design and construction phase to ensure that the project can be operated sustainably and effectively after opening.

    • Business management consulting
    • Personnel management consultancy
    • Maintenance and repair management consultancy

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