International Country Reporting Services

It is a fact that corporations are not satisfied with local operations and want to support the growth of foreign organizations and foreign countries by taking advantage of international advantages. This is due to the significant political, economic and social developments in the world in recent years. an international company. Advance marketing is necessary due to increasing global competitiveness. In addition, international financial institutions have been established to assist countries and organizations in their infrastructure demands. Urban risk, an important category of risk, includes all these phenomena. K & P Consultancy deals with your civil risks, their types, impact, scope and services.

  • Country Analysis Services,
  • Target Country Economic Structure Reporting,
  • Analyzing the sectoral breakdown of the target country
  • Researching the Domestic Market in the Target Country,
  • Reporting on the demographic and socio-economic structure of the country,
  • Reporting services for examining the supply-demand graphs of the target country and market and evaluating possible opportunities,
  • Additional taxes and duties imposed on Turkey and competitor countries
  • Turkey’s exports to target countries
  • Customer Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market/Sector Analysis
  • Environment Analysis
  • Identification of sales channels
  • Identification of distribution networks
  • Identification of domestic and international fairs
  • Reporting the country’s total imports and their development
  • Which countries are imported from and their market shares
  • Barriers to market entry
  • Required permits and documents
  • Examination of sales channels

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