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Corporate Company Consulting

Corporate consulting is a specialized service that helps companies and institutions analyze their managerial and financial problems, develop cost-saving solutions, manage change processes and ultimately achieve their corporate goals. Corporate consulting services include management consulting, which helps in planning, organizing workflows and coordinating mechanisms within the company or institution. This type of consultancy allows for the institutionalization of processes so that they can be carried out within the system without relying solely on individual initiatives or methods used by those involved in the implementation.

At this stage, companies need corporate consultancy services to manage their processes more efficiently. Corporate consultants provide the necessary analysis and advice on how to improve and streamline existing workflows within a company. They can also suggest new systems or processes that will allow for better collaboration between departments and increase productivity and efficiency. They also have the expertise needed to identify potential problems before they become serious issues that can negatively impact business operations.

Corporate consultants are knowledgeable professionals who understand how businesses operate from both an operational and strategic perspective, thus providing valuable insight in areas such as customer service management, developing marketing strategies or implementing process improvement initiatives, all of which can lead to increased profits for any organization.

In addition, these experts can customize solutions to each company’s specific needs, making it easy for organizations of different sizes and industries to benefit equally from their services without significant changes in terms of budget allocation or staff resources required for successful operations. implementation of the proposed solutions.

As a result, enterprise consulting services offer many advantages when it comes to improving business performance by ensuring that all operations run smoothly with minimal disruption, allowing companies to access up-to-date information on best practices used in various industries around the world and thus make informed decisions about them. either future-oriented investments in the products/services they offer or internal structure optimization plans aimed at increasing their overall profitability over time.

As such, these services have become increasingly popular among business owners who understand how important it really is to have access to expert knowledge when making decisions that directly impact their future performance levels.

Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy Services

In an increasingly competitive labor market, mergers and acquisitions are key businesses to grow fast and stay ahead of the competition. In this way, companies gain economies of scale and increase their productivity. The most important thing in the aggregation of companies and acquisitions is the level of identifying the right company and the right price. If the right connections are not made, problems may occur in the future. K & P Consultancy We chart your path through the acquisition and integration process, create your strategy and aim to bring you the most value.

Within the framework of our support to our clients for strategic or financial partnerships, some of the workflow steps of the foreign or local partnership process for your companies are as follows:

  • Finding potential strategic and financial investors and signing confidentiality agreements without disclosing the names of our clients,
  • Creation of briefing booklets, IM, management presentation, business plans, feasibilities and other marketing documents,
  • Creation of the valuation analysis report with DCF, comparable market multiplier or comparable transaction multiplier in international standards,
  • Preparation of an advisory report on company value, shareholding structure and commercial terms of the partnership,
  • Management of the financial audit process and creation of the financial data room,
  • Coordination of the work of legal, accounting and tax advisors affecting the value of the Company throughout the partnership negotiations,
  • Preparation of the Company Sales Agreement and Partnership Protocol in coordination with the lawyers, obtaining permissions from the Competition Authority and other sectoral organizations regarding the new partnership

Investment Advisory

Investment advice is the task of making written or verbal statements and recommendations about capital goods and the companies and institutions that provide them for a person or group with different financial status, risk and return, in line with the request of our investors. The main objective of the investment advisory department, K & P Consultancy to create a long-term and multifaceted relationship between the Company and our customers and to ensure the continuity and sustainability of all services provided. All information obtained from market and regional reports provided to our clients within the scope of investment consultancy is an objective analysis based on reliable sources and documents, conducted carefully and cautiously by the research team.

In line with your risk profile and return targets, our Investment Advisory department shares with you its comments and recommendations on money and capital market instruments and the partnerships and institutions that issue them, and does not leave you alone when making your investment decisions.

The services we provide within the scope of our Investment Advisory service:

  • Identifying your risk and return preferences,
  • Preparation of asset allocation and recommendations tailored to your risk profile,
  • Sharing its views and recommendations on the markets through a wide range of daily, weekly, quarterly and annual reports,
  • Creating model investment portfolios and ensuring that these portfolios are closely monitored and updated instantly according to changing market conditions.

Financial Advisory

The importance of financial management in business cannot be overstated. As business activity grows, the flow of money accelerates and it is essential to use this money correctly. Financial management helps companies make sound decisions, identify needs and achieve goals for the balance of income and expenditure, which is beneficial both financially and strategically.

In such a crisis, we understand the need for businesses to effectively manage challenging conditions to quickly stabilize their operations. We support them with repositioning strategies so that they can also move forward in these difficult times when the markets recover; from corporate strategy development, through access to capital and financing, financial structuring to mergers and acquisitions – we are with you every step of your transformation process!

K & P Consultancy We provide consultancy services to company management in balance sheet analysis, feasibility studies before investment decisions, management of banking relations, planning of all financial activities, evaluation of the financial status of companies, analysis of financial liabilities, and identification of development areas.

We strive to help our clients achieve success by providing superior quality services at all stages of their journey, from the start-up phase to the growth phase and, if necessary, to the maturity or decline phase, so you can rest assured no matter what happens

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