With its experienced team, K & P Consultancy supports companies to grow, improve processes and manage risks, while assisting in the implementation of strategies and entry into global capital markets.


With its experience in the chemical industry, K & P Consultancy offers affordable services backed by data from reliable sources. It offers your business a strategic partnership in identifying opportunities and challenges in the chemical market.


The financial sector plays a critical role for a company's profitability and growth. K & P Consultancy helps to manage financial processes effectively with our experienced team to maintain the balance of risk and return.

Real Estate

K & P Consultancy provides investors with expert support for smart and strategic real estate investments through an in-depth understanding of the trends and dynamics in the real estate sector.

Construction and Engineering

K & P Consultancy makes your complex construction and engineering projects a success. Our experienced engineering team supports you in all phases of your project and offers innovative solutions to perfect your project.


"K & P Consultancy" is at your side to deal with the complexity of the retail world. Together with you, we create strategies to meet consumer expectations and increase your sales.


K & P Consultancy offers strategies to optimize international trade and compile market data in the agricultural sector.


The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources ensures the continuous development of the energy sector. With its deep experience in this field, "K & P Consultancy" can help you move your business towards a sustainable and innovative energy future.